About Us

Our Team


We are very fortunate to have such a dynamic and versatile team:

Kenny Reid – Managing Director

Steffi Reid – Office Manager







Auswaste Services - Ken & Stef
Auswaste Services - Team Cooktown


Shallyn Bloomfield - Lakeland & Laura Waste Transfer Station and Public Services Manager

Keelan Seagren - CRP Supervisor Cooktown

Paul McBride - CRP Service & Processing



Joy Miller - CRP Weipa Depot Manager

Alley MacDougall - Mobile Refund Points Coordinator (Weipa)

Colin Kris - Processing and Service

Dion Shearn - CRP Weipa - Service

Interested in joining our team?

We are continuously expanding – for job enquires please contact us or see our friendly staff at one of our depots or refund points to express your interest.